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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Dear George Clooney, Please Marry My Mom Theme: Sometimes, things don't go your way and that way may be better for you and people around you Characters: Beginning: Violet feeds her stepsisters poop and gets into an argument with her dad. When she goes back to live with her mother, she meets Dudley Wiener. She doesn't really like Dudley and wants to find a man for her mom; she wants to find a man like George ClooneyMiddle:Violet writes multiple letters to George Clooney asking him to meet her mother. She receives a response from his manager and is disappointed, but later on finds an opportunity to meet him. She first has to apologize to her stepmother in order to meet him. She apologizes and finds a way to get into the same building as George Clooney, but ends up crashing a golf cart into his car.End:Violet meets George Clooney and talks about her family situation. When she gets home, her mother talked to Violet about how happy she was with Dudley. Violet makes up with her dad and her stepmother. In the end, Violet receives a letter from George Clooney of him wishing her the best. Plot: Setting: A 12 year old girl that liveswith her sister, Rosie, anda "serial-dating" mother. Violet Violet's father A divorced TV-director living in Vancouver two twin daughters and his new "trophy" wife, Jennica. He also have two daughters, Violet and Rosie, with his ex-wife George Clooney The "perfect man" for Violet's mother. Also known as a famous celebrity filming in LA + Vancouver+ Los Angeles, California Objective Summary: Violet wanted to find a decent man for her mother, so she left to look for George Clooney but in the end realized thatshe was happy as long as her mother was happy.
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