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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Storm Water Run-Off (part 2) Rain Barrel A rain barrel is a system that collects the water from the roof that would get the trashes and filter the water. double click to change this header text! Swales How do rain barrel works?When it rains or the snow meltsthe water flows down to the roofand then the rain barrel will catchthe water and the trashes then the water will flow down again but it's cleaner. A swales is a low contract of land. How do swales works? When it rains or the snow melts the water goes in the swales then the water will goto the middle of the swales then the water will stay. Rain Garden A rain garden is a small garden that takes advantage of rainfall. How do rain garden works? When it rains the water goes in the rain garden then the plants and flowers will get water/ To do this project the materials that we need are:Materials Needed for this ProjectStencils: "Chesapeake Bay Drainage" and "Don't Dump"Beige or white background outdoor latex paint (1 quart = 20 drains)Green CFC-Free spray paint. (1 can = 6 drains)Three-inch paint brushesWire brushesMasking tapeDropcloths (old sheets work best)Paint stirrersScrewdriver to open paint cansLarge cans with one end cut out for cleaning brushesNewspaper and rags"Wet Paint" signs Conclusion:Storm drain stenciling are one of the ways to reduce the pollution in the bay, ocean, river, and lake etc. It's important to take care of the land water because there are living things that lives under the water..
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