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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Habitable Planets What makes a planet Habitable Tempeture What is the right tempeture?Life seems limited to atemperature range of minus 15C or 5Fto 115C or 239F. In this range, liquidwater can still exist under certainconditions. Water What is the right amount of water?Water is regularly available. Lifecan go dormant between wetperiods, but, eventually, waterneeds to be available. Atmoshere What is a good atmosphere?Earth & Venus are the right size tohold a sufficient-sized atmosphere.Earths atmosphere is about 100miles thick. It keeps the surfacewarm & protects it from radiation &small- to medium-sized meteorites. Visualisation of composition by volume of Earth's atmosphere.Water vapour is not included as it is highly variable. Each tiny cube (such as the one representing krypton) has one millionth of the volume of the entire block.Data is from NASA Langley Energy Why is it needed?With a steady input of either lightor chemical energy, cells can runthe chemical reactions necessaryfor life. ChemicalsAndNutriants What do we need them for?All solid planets & moons have thesame general chemical makeup, sonutrients are present. Those with awater cycle or volcanic activity cantransport and replenish thechemicals required by livingorganisms. By Cameron Storey Information From Makeup Picture From
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