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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Stock Market Game Andrew Grabelle Portfolio Team 370Fortner Stock Overview Total Invested: $31,423Remaining Balance: $61,273.61Unrealized Gains/Losses: $-$6,925.83Total Equity Gains: $-$7,303.39Percent Return: -7.30% Munster High School Company Name: Lakeland Inc.Ticker: LAKEPurchase Price: $14.63Number of Shares: 300Ending Price: $11.39Losses: $973.47 Investment Rationale double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. I purchased stock in Lakeland Inc because the Ebola crisis drove share prices skyward. As the scare of a worldwide outbreak began to wear away, the share prices began to fall again. I made the choice to hang onto the stock in the hope that the share prices would rise again. In the end, Lakeland Inc. lost us a lot of money. The bulk of our strategy included investing in the medical field. Lakeland Industries was a large investment, until we sold it of course. Lakeland is a Hazmat suit company. At the start of the Ebola crisis, Lakeland Industries stock prices soared when the demand for the hazmat suits increased. Mylan Incorporated is a pharmaceutical company centered out of Pennsylvania. During the month of October, Mylans share prices began a steady increase that is continuing into the month of December. Towards the end of the game, our team began investing in electronics services stocks such as Pandora, Channel Advisor, and LinkedIn. None of the companies proved entirely profitable. Group Strategy Future Plans Looking back, if our group wasmore organized in our investing, we would have been better off.We didn't coordinate with eachother as well as we should have.Also, sticking to an investment strategywould've proven more profitablefor us.
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