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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Addiction, paranioa and long-terminsomnia extreme weight change. Stimulants Street Names SkippyThe smart drugBlack beautiesCrossesHeartR-ball Alert,focus,sleeplessness,loss of appetite,increased blood pressure and heart rate, high bodytemperature. Short-term effects Long-term effects Stimulants are drugs that speed up the activity of the central nervous system. Stimulants are useful in treating many medical conditions including ADHD, narcolepsy, asthma, obesity, and depression. There are several types of stimulants, including caffeine, nicotine, cocaine, amphetamines, and methamphetamines. What is Stimulants typically use for Legal or Illegal Resoures Most energy drinks contain large amounts of caffeine, which can provide a temporary energy boost. Some energy drinks contain sugar and other substances. The boost is short-lived, however, and may be accompanied by other problems.For example, energy drinks that contain sugar may contribute to weight gain and too much caffeine, or caffeine-like substances, can lead to:NervousnessIrritabilityInsomniaRapid heartbeatIncreased Stimulants are a class of drugs that consists of illegal drugs such as cocaine, methamphetamine and MDMA, as well as legal drugs such as nicotine, caffeine and prescription medications such as Ritalin and Adderall. These drugs increase alertness, energy and attention and boost mood Forms of energy drinks
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