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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Teacher The Effective Teacher1. Uses effective practices focused on student achievement .2. Is an innovative planner and exceptional classroom manager. 3. Is an adept critical thinker and competent problem solver.4. Represents the greatest asset of a school. start from scratch[clears the canvas] Effective teachers MANAGE their classrooms.Ineffective teachers DISCIPLINE their classrooms. Classroom Management Positive Expectations 1. Exhibits positive expectations for all students2. Establishes good classroom management techniques3. Designs lessons for student mastery 1. Uses a script to organize class the first week of school2. Continually acquires knowledge and skills3. Produces results4. Impacts and touches lives Two Kinds1. Positive or High Expectations2. Negative or Low Expectations Dress for SuccessYou do not get a second chance to make a first impression. Effective teachers know that the clothes they wear and the smile that dresses their face are the first things students see when they are greeted at the door. Unit A Unit B Unit C Five Significant Concepts That Enhance Positive Expectations1. Name2. Please3. Thank You4. Smile5. love Invitational EducationEffective teachers have the power and the ability to invite students and colleagues to learn together each day in every class.The basis of being inviting is building relationships. The most important factor governing student learning is Classroom Management A well-managed classroom has a set of procedures and routines that structurethe classrom Characteristics of a Well-Managed Classroom1. Students are deeply invloved withtheir work, especially with academic, teacher-led instruction2. Students know what is expected of them and are generally successful.3. There is relatively little wasted time, confusion, or disruption4. The climate of the classroom is work-oriented but relaxed and pleasant. First Days of School
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