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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The healing wonders of Stem cell Reserch! If you have diseases or disorders like type 1 diabetes,spinal cord injury,heart disease, Parkinson's disease,Arthritis,lung disease,organ faliure, and more, stem cell research may have already treated these diseases, and they are no problem for Stem Cells!* What is a stem cell?-a stem cell is a cell that has not beendifferentiated yet, and they canbecome almost every cell in the body.Ex(when you get a second degree burn, stem cells can help create more skin cells once they are put into you, or if your heart is not doing well, stem cell research can help grow a new funcioning heart created in a lab.) Where are they Found and where do they come from?-Different types of stem cells can be found in embryonic stages,fat and bone marrow, and almost anywhere in the human body. Some advances in stem cell research-We already cured sickle cell anmiea in rats,so it may work in human beings-We used stem cells to help make hearts for cardiac transplantations for heart faillure-Recently, We have just grown stem cells to help people with spinal cordinjuries so they can walk again!-For those who are severly burnes, We can use your OWN STEM CELLS, so Sponsored by Pharmacies and research facilities from the USA! *=Thought stem cell research sound like the most awesome thing ever in the history of mankind, the process requires the destruction of human embryos when it comes to one type of cell researchtherapeutic cloning, so the government, along with the catholic church is against it and it is illegal. Before you have stem cells implanted into you, take a special type of drug so, when they are put into you so they can do their magic, your immune system won't attack them because they come from somebody else, so you can get the results. -I used to have alzhimers and my friends and family thought I would never recover, until I was cured by stem cells that helped repair my damaged brain.-actual patient
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