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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Is using Stem Cells a good idea? Don't know about stem cells?Stem cells are cell that have not yet differentiated and has the potential to heal in parts of the body that other cells cannot. Stem cells come from different parts of the body depending on the type of cell.Stem cells have the potential to become almostany cell and can be placed in the injured partof the body and can differentiate to heal the body. It can also become cells that fight particular diseases. Presented and sponsored by National Geographic Stem cellsRegenerating partsEndless possibilities Made and edited by: Felix Woo1/15/15Period 5 Should we use stem cells for regenerating parts and some things that we can never do with our normal cells? Can we be able to invent things that can boost the research for more potential of healing? Should it be made legal?These are just few questions about the many possibilities thereare to stem cells. National Geographic thinks that we should takeadvantage of these cells and use them to create new life that can be useful in the future. Many people think that they are destroying nature by breaking the outer layer of the blastocyst when we are actually opening new possibilities that could change lives someday.What do you think? Comment at and we will debate against our opposing party. Will you take our side? Sign up and you might just get a free stem cell supporter t-shirt for FREE!While supplies last.(Not a lot) "Stem cells are like a door that just opened another door and another and another. And soon enough those door will lead to a treasure that we have been looking for all these years of stem cell research."-Felix Woo
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