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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PINKYTOEINITIS The Cure For Written & Illustrated By: Jazz Aulakh & Samantha Hoang PINKYTOEINITIS--the loss of one or both pinky toes Are you part of the 3/5 feet that dont have pinky toes? The cause could be pinkytoeinitis! Tired of wobbling? Feeling left out because of that one friend that always stubs their pinky toe? Feeling awkward at the nail salon? Want in on the action? Read on to find out how! This life threatening disease has caused an uproar over the past couple of years. The overwhelming feeling of not having possibly one of the most important body parts can make one feel depressed, left out, and self-conscious. However, with major and extensive research, we are glad to say that the cure has been found! By using stem cell technology to recreate missing cells, a pinky can be recreated. Differentiation uses the stem cells to regrow or heal any missing part of your lost pinky toe, lifes greatest joy. There are many kinds of cell types that canbe created by stem cells. This is an image of the skin layer of the human body, containing skin cells. Within it would be blood cells and even deeper would be bone cells. All these types of cells have potential to be made using stem cells. Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that are capable of becoming more cells of the same type where other kinds of cells are created by differentiation. Using ever growing technology, we can solve many problems that occur in the spectrum of diseases from baldness to diabetes. Using pluripotent stem cells, we can literally grow the extra tissue and attach it to the person.
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