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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WHAT is a stem cell?? ~ A cell that does not have an official role in the body yet,DNA will later determine its purpose~ Stem cells are first found after conception in the egg's blastocyst stage, 7 days after fertilzttion (embryonic development)~These can become ANY type of cell in the body ~In adults, stem cells still exist, except they arelimited in their ability to become other cells~Adult stem cells can be found amongst other cell types (called somatic stem cells) ~Multiple stem cell types such as embryonic and induced pluripotent~Each has its pros and cons foruse in research and therapy ~Sustaining and improving existing life is is VERY important, even at the cost of more life,which is what we need to do toget embryonic stem cells for our research~Even when we are giving up a ¨life¨ we are saving hundreds of others~People will be saved for generations to come We believe.. What can stem cells do?? ~Stem cells help the body to heal itself after losing cells~Stem cells can be grown into healthy cells that a patient needs, curing a disorder they may have~Scientists may be able to grow entire organs, treat spinal cord disorders, and REVERSE AGING with stem cells ~This is called REGENERATIVE MEDICINE Stem Cells: The Modern Fountain of Youth! Stem Cells: The Modern Fountain of Youth! How would YOU like to change science? Only SOME of the diseasesand disorders stem cellscan treat Now, time tocure aging! Only SOME of the diseasesand disorders stem cellscan treat! Now, time tocure aging! ~You can help us to forever reverse the aging process! You could be a part of one of science greatest achievements ifyou participate in our study!~If you are within the ages of 70-80, please call 1800 STEM-NOW to apply for participation inour study What can YOU do? What can YOU do? Our mission... double click to change this header text! ~We will use embryonic stem cellsto try and reverse the aging process~They are found 7 days after conception when the egg is a blastocyst~To gain these stem cells, an embryo must be destroyed Nathaniel WolffTabor BeekmanPeriod 4 From this... To this!!
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