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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What are stem cells? Who is CiRA? Why iPScells? an undifferentiated cell that has the potential to becomeany type of cell in the body a picture of a cluster of stemcells -Almost no ethical concerns!-does not involvebreaking an embryo no immune systemsupressing durgsfor the rest of your life -Effective-Not Expensive - CiRA = Center for iPS cell Research and Application-a university in Kyoto,Japan -scientists hope to beable to cure cancer orany other disease withthese cells-potential to regrow bodyparts and new organs Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells of Benefits - first core insitutededicated entirely to the research of iPS cells the many - can be found in thebone marrow, umbilicalcord blood, amniotic fluid, teeth, placenta and cord tissue, andvarious other sources CiRA (Center for iPS Cell Researchand Application) has found a way to regrow limbs using induced pluripotent cells. All the scientists need to do is spritz you with the new "iPS Limb Gun "and in 4-5 months you will see results. Just a quick sample ofyour fat cells is all that is needed! Presented by CiRA A 8 year old girl named Julie had been bornwithout legs, and it seemedthat she would be forever disabled. Our iPSLimb Gun has helped herregain her lost limbs; Now she is taking physical therapy to regain her senseof walking Our (CiRA's) New Inventition Julie's Story To try out the iPS cell gun, call 1-333-333-3333To donate money to help fund research, call 1-222-222-2222
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