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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Unemployment Facts SurveyAnalysis Primary Research Results: B&Q Age diversity program is a mass retail firm which operates on a global scale in countries including: Taiwan, China, Poland and Turkey. Currently B&Q have employed over 30,000 workers of all age to serve over 3 million customers each week. This was done through the Age Diversity Program (ADP) which started over 10 years ago and sets to aim at employing the older population as well as the young as an attempt to keep their workforce ages diverse. B&Q believed that this program would be a great start in reducing the issues of age discrimination and have set a good practice model for other firms to follow as well. Theyve argued that having a diverse aged workforce would be extremely beneficial for the firms itself and the economy in general.The reasons may be as followed:- Customers feel more welcome & respected in stores- Fairness of equal employment policies & practices are followed- Reflecting the local community where the stores operate- Customers feel more ensured purchasing produces from workers who've had the same experience Policies either Supportthe young or the old.Not both General increase of unemploymentin the past 10 years is 3.7%Employment of Ages 55-64 is predicted to increase by 36.5% in 2016Employment of Ages 65+ is predicted to increase by 3.6% Are Age Diversity Polices of Benefit of detriment to youth employemnt? B&QS policy is named a role model for the government and for other companies. However, whilst there is vast evidence out there to suggest companies have made attempts to create a diverse workforce they can appear to still some evidence of bias. They either are aimed at the young or the old. For example, M & S has created a youth work placement program named Make your Mark and during 2013/14 it offered work experience and training to over 1450 young unemployed aged 18-24 in the UK. Furthermore, M&S and other companies such as BT, Accenture and HSBC are working together in the Movement to work scheme which aims to offer 100,000 vocational and training contracts to young people in the next two years. Consequently, it can be seen that attempts to tackle youth unemployment are a key component of creating a diverse workforce. However, the fact remains that polices still appear one sided they either are aimed at the old or young and this in itself does little to prevent the growing problem of discrimination. Comparisons between B&Q's ADP to other polcies Group 1 - Chris King, Massimo Magnago, Alice Daisy Smith, Xiong Zhang, Jessica Beveridge, Jaura Kennedy, Jianing Gao Reading scores improve as the quality of the Media Center program increases (McGhee & Jansen, 2006)
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