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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How to Write A Business Plan 1. Give Yourself a Reality Check You want to start your own business, and you love baking.So, why not start a company where you get paid to make them? This will allow you to figure out the layout of your bakery. This willalso allow you to figure out what items your bakery will have. Will itbe a place where you can sit and eat or just pick up and go?This will be very helpful to figuring all the products you will be selling. 3. Get YourBusiness Going! Make sure that this is what you really want to do in your life. You don't want to open a business toclose it a year later. Do you have the stamina and skills to pursue this career? If not then it's okay. Wait a little while so that you can be successful. Go over all the costs that you will potentially have to pay for this is a major thing. Knowing the whole process of starting a business is very important. A business plan is a document thatdescribes in detail how your business is going to achieve itsgoals.This will allow you to lay outyour plan on marketing, financial,and operational viewpoint. Getting this put together before havingyour actual business will makethings go a lot smoother. 2. Put Together a Business Plan This is the exciting part! Now it is all up to you.You are the one that needs to give you businessthat last push for people to buy your product. If you have a competitor, think of ways to be better!If you notice that your business isn't going well then you need to make that final decision to either push through the hard time or close up shop. 4. Decide what type of bakery you want
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