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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Find Your Future Bandmates > Find Musicians with similar interest, not identical interest. > Get a good Drummer! Nothing ruins a band quicker than an egotistical drummer who sucks.> Flexibility! Find players who are flexible and wont flake out on rehearsals. FACT: 75% of new bands break-up within 6 monthsdue to insufficient flexibility. PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! > Practice at least twice a week with the entire band and stick with that schedule. > Writing music as a group isn't easy. Egos will clash. That is inevitable, so be prepared.> Write songs, not parts. Don't just throw together riffs. Record each practice. FACT: Practice DOES make perfect Get In The Recording Studio So...You Wanna Start a Band So...You Wanna Start a Band? The Only 5 Tips You'll Ever Need to Know to Become Sucessful Without Ever Getting Signed Get Merch & A Website Play Shows & Hit The Road 5 4 3 2 1 > Don't go overboard with a full length record as your first release. Do an EP (3-5 songs) > Find a quality recording studio or a friend who has a home studio. Many musicians do.> Don't settle on crap. This will be your 1st impression so make it memorable. FACT: 1st time bands usually discover their band name in the studio. > Get a nice Word Press based website. Its free and easy to use. > Stay current with social media for instant updates and photos. > Get quality t-shirts made. Also, put your newly recorded EP for sale online. The Orchard is an online music distributor for iTunes, Amazon, and pretty much everyone. > Ok, now its time to book a local EP release show. Be sure to hop on a show with bands who already have an established local following. > Leave the ego at home. Be friendly with everyone and make time to hang out at your merch table after your performance. > Play locally once a month and book mini 3-4 day regional tours. Be sure to invest in a van. First time bands need to know most music venues wont pay much, if anything at all. Your t-shirt and CD sales will be your lifeline on the road, as well as your gas money. Eventually, it will get better. Red Leader Public Relations & Media 2014
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