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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 breakfast Make Up Character Design- Ruby Wilson (Star image side as played by Bethany Westwood) Costume From the feedback received from the music videomany people felt that a performance element should be added and within this performanceRuby Wilson should be represented in a differentway, to show her as a star rather than a normaleveryday person. Linking to Richard Dyer's and Andrew Goodwin's theories in the representation of stars within culture. Richard Dyer theorized that Stars are constructed through the use of artificial images,still showing them as real everyday people as they experience real emotions yet they are considered images of star culture. Stars are seen to be manufactured by the music and media industry to serve a purpose of making revenue through fan bases being through record sales or even fashion. Andrew Goodwin theorized that the star image is a vitalaspect to the music video as it makes the music video linkto the artist shown as well as helps to make the video moreappealing while bringing a unique identity in the way the artistis portrayed for example Lady Gaga is shown in a exaggeratedway as her music links to the work within the fashion and popart industry from being represented in this way in her music she is recognized by audiences easily as well as makes her videos stand out. Construction of Star Image- Ruby Wilson Theories I then researched into morden day female indie artists andhow they are represented, mainly looking into Florence andthe Machine. I found her style to be smart yet causal with anature, boho theme which I tried to replicate in my choice ofclothing to construct Ruby Wilson's star image. Using a plain black dress with lace detail aroundthe neck combined with a classy yet simple kimono hanging loosely off of her frame, making the clothing interesting and follow fashion trends yet create a sense of identity I chose to have a simple outfit with neck details to draw attention to Ruby's facical expressions and statement make up while she sings putting focus on to her and a main element of her iconography being her make upinstead of the main focus being on her clothing. Also by the colours in the clothing being black it links to the indie genre as monochrome or dull, muted colours are conventional yet with the splash of pink colour on her kimono it supports her as a female solo artist within the indie genre. Hairstyle As for the hair to make her look as stylish and star like as possible I chose for her hair to be down with messy braids on the sides to pull away her hair from her face when perfoming.Linking to the messy casual hairstyles shown throughout both genders in the indie industry. Through my research not only was fashion partof constructing a star image but makeup seemed to play a big part so I choice for this to be the main aspect of her iconography as it draws attention to her facial expression which makes her more idienitable to audiences through chocie of makeup. I wanted the make up to be a mix of simple yet dramatic so I researched through Pinterst, creating a visual board of ideas mainly used in courture fashion shows.
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