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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 All three of these typesgalaxies are huge and contain stars, dust andgas and they are all heldtogether by gravity andall have present halos. An irregular spiral has no regular shape, a ellipticalhas a round-to-oval shapeand a spiral has a wheel shape. Spirals and irregulargalaxies are both young andold stars are present but elliptical galaxies mainlyhave young stars present. GALAXIES SPIRALS, ELLIPTICALS, AND IRREGULARS Stars are made up of a veryhot gas which is mostly hydrogen and helium. Theyshine by burning hydrogeninto helium in their cores, andthen later in their lives they makeheavier elements. Most stars have small amounts of heavier elementslike carbon, nitrogen, oxygen andiron, which were created by starsthat existed before them. The materials in stars are recycled because when a previous star looses fuel, the material stays inspace and that is used to forma new star. STARS Galaxies contain a huge amounts of stars, dust and gas. They usually haveover trillions of stars in them and rangein size from a few thousand to severalhundred thousand light years across.There billions of galaxies in the universe.They all come in different sizes, shapesand brightnesses and can be found by themselves, in pairs or in bigger groupscalled clusters. There is also three differenttypes of galaxies: spirals, ellipticals,and irregulars. (Irregular Galaxy) (Spiral Galaxy)
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