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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 - Joseph Stalin was a dictator of the U.S.S.R. He executed or jailed his followers and millions of Soviet peasants. The Russians hated Joseph Stalin and much of the world feared him. Stalin joined the Bolsheviks when the Social Democratic Labor Party split into two major groups. He headed this organization. Lenin felt suspicious about Stalins growing power and wanted wanted Stalin to be removed from his general secretary position. Stalin took over many places by killing people which got a lot of criticism from Lenin. Stalins Five Year Plan was created in 1928 for economic development by getting rid of private businesses. Stalin ruled by terror by setting up a police system that executed or sent millions of people to labor camps. Joseph Stalin attempted to take over Greece, Iran, and Turkey to convert them to communism, and successfully converted Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland and Romania. Many non-communist nations attempted to cease his spread of communism and thus started the cold war. Stalin will be remembered as one of the greatest mass murderers of the twentieth century.Stalin means man of steel.Stalin had a harsh childhood that was filled with poverty.Stalins power started after the Russian Revolution of 1917.Stalins Five Year Plan established Russia as the second largest industrial economy in the world.Stalins forced industrialization and policies led to countless millions of deaths and the worst man made faminein human history.Hitler and Stalin signed a nonaggression pact that fell apart when Hitler invaded the Soviet Union.Stalin consolidated his power by making himself known as the most feared man in Russia and showing no mercy.Russia lost an estimated 20 million people during WWII.Stalin created an iron curtain from the Baltic to the Adriatic Sea. Also, the Soviet Union was a major superpower with the potential of a nuclear arsenal. Stalin took control of most of Eastern Europe.Stalin gave the people of Russia and the world KGBs, soviet labor camps, and summary executions. Even with the amount of deaths he was responsible for, he also made Russia into a global superpower. The KGB (Committee for state security) was the civilian arm of Russian intelligence responsible and was in charge of domestic security foreign intelligence gathering, and PropagandaThe Soviet Union emphasized tight and firm hold of its citizens with pervasive intelligence gatheringThe most important elements of the KGB was the first chief directorate, who was in charge of all foreign operations the Border chief director responsible for guarding the soviet border, and the Armed Forces Independent directorate, responsible for the political loyalty of the armed forces and the safety of the Soviet leadership Joseph StalinBy: Kathy, Judy, Carlos, and Gracie Stalinism is a form of government where terrorism is employed to destroy all opposition and to install widespread fear. The government controlled the media to upscale propaganda and forced economic production without consideration of the workers or the market condition. Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy both employed Stalinism. When Germany attacked the Soviet Union, Stalin began more popular because he stayed in Moscow when it was under attack. He took the title of Marshal of the Soviet Union and made the Soviet Union a part of the Big Three that worked together to defeat Germany.
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