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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] Stacey LoganCharacterization Physical Appearance -Black skin-Black hair-Brown eyes-Strong -Tall Action/Motivation Weaknesses -He gets carried away while he is trying to do whats right, like when he gives TJ a piece of his mind. -Stacey is also always loyal, although it got him in trouble with his mother. Emotions -Stacey is very headstrong and determined. One example would be when he was trying to get Cassie to leave Mr. Barnetts store. -Another example was when he went to the Wallace store despite knowing the consequences. Dialogue -Stacey always speaks the way he feels, like when he tells to Cassie to leave the Barnett store. Thoughts -He gets the idea to dig a trench to stop the bus from splashing them with mud, after it forced them in the ditch.-Stacey believes that he can take care of his sibling becausehe leads them to school.-Stacey also thinks that they should dig the hole becausehe believes that the white kids should get a taste of theirown medicine. Strengths -Stacey is honest, he told his mom when he went to the Wallace store.-He is very loyal because he didn't rat on TJ when he got in trouble for the cheat sheet. -Stacey hits T.J. at the Wallace store because Stacey got whipped when trying to hide T.J. cheat sheet. -He digs the hole, so the bus will fall in because the bus driver always splashes them with mud and he wants to get them back. -Stacey tells Cassie to leave the Barnett store so she will not get hurt because he cares about her. ByDeepta JasthiVirginia HairstonLaura Bakeman
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