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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Strengths: Authority among the children because he is the oldest and they listen to him. For example when he tells them to get out of the road they get out of the road. Weaknesses:Sometimes makes badchoices, because he might lose his tempersometimes and havecrazy ideas, like diggingthe hole in the road. He almost always knows what to do. Because he is the oldest he kind of has to know what to do. Like that time in the store he knew when to drag Cassie out. Physical Appearance: 12 year old, tall, African American. Thoughts:He didn't reallylike Mr. Morrisonat the beginning, because he thought Mr. Morrison was doing too much work, and wastaking Stacey's jobof responsibility. He also has mixedfeelings about Jeremy, and whether to be hisfriend or not, because Jeremy always walks and talks with the Logans to school. Dialogue:Stacey is not that two-faced because he means what hesays, like when he was mad at theJefferson Davisschool bus andwanted to get revenge, he did. Actions:He dug the trench in the road with the kids as a trap forthe bus.He ran after TJ tothe Wallace Storewhen he wasn'tsupposed to.He pulled Cassieout of the store inStrawberry. Motivations: He ran after TJbecause even though Stacey was forbidden to go to the store, he was so mad that TJ got him in trouble for something he didn't do, he didn't care, he just wanted to give TJ a lesson. Stacey Logan He made a trapbecause he wantedto get back at thewhite people, sincethey always madefun of the Logansand Stacey was tiredof that. He pulled Cassieout of the storebecause she wascausing a bad airin the store, talkingback to the whites,and people weregetting mad. Doesn't reallylisten to people,especially when he'smad, he won't listento anyone. Emotion:He was in a badmood on the firstday of school because his momwas teaching his class. He also got angryat TJ because heblamed Stacey forcheating on a testwhen it was actuallyTJ himself.
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