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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cyber-bullying can cause a low selfesteem to depression and even suicide if it gets that bad The most a cyber-bully serves for their crime is a little of juvyand a misdemeanorcyberharassment charge Hate speech Strengths: Authority among the children because he is the oldest and they listen to him. For example when he tells them to get out of the road they get out of the road. is protected Stacey Logan Physical Appearance: 12 year old, tall, African American. Weaknesses:Sometimes makes badchoices, because he mightlose his temper sometimesand have crazy ideas, likedigging the hole in the road. Doesn't reallylisten to people,especially when he'smad, he won't listento anyone. He almost always knows what to do. Because he is the oldest he kind of has to know what to do. Like that time in the store he knew when to drag Cassie out. Thoughts: Doesn't Like Mr.Morrison beacuase he doen't like the work that he does for the family andStacey thinks that heshould be doing the work not Mr. Morrison. He doesn't know if he should like Jeremy. Because Jeremy is white and none of the other white people treat him the same way he doesn't know if he should like Jeremy. Actions: Digging the trench in the road. Stacey's motivation behind digging the trench in the road was to get back at the bus driver and the people on the bus for being mean every day to him and the other black kids. Running after TJ when he ran out. Motivation was that he wanted to know why TJ had put the blame on him forcheating. Dragging Cassie out of the store. His motivation behind this was that even though it wasn't fair not only her but they all could get in trouble.
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