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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sprin g 2015 Sprin g 2015 PD Cafe GCSC 5 Paw-lickin' Desserts LINKS TO SYMBALOO RESOURCESScott's DCW Page:'s eLearning Page: K12's Page: Math: LA: 4 Google App-etizers to Share! All of these options include a side of PGP points and one Badge to take home! LINKS TO OTHER RESOURCESMatt Miller's: ditchthattextbook.comCommon Sense Education's Digital Citizenship: Great 108: on SAMR: Quizlet Study Aid Flip-cardsNotability Note taking, organization complete assignmentsSymbaloo Manage favorites Great for research Padlet/Wordle Collaborative Many applicationsToday's Meet Back Channel Great for Discussions GCSC PD Cafe's Entrée Choices "A List of all the Best iPad Apps Teachers Need" Educational Technology and Mobile Learning Over 30 different categories of iPad Apps"Technology Integration" Edutopia Great resource for using technology in education 2 useful links on using iPads in the classroom Docs & Sheets Learn how to use Docs and Sheets to provide students the opportunity to collaborate with one another.Forms & Flubaroo Use Forms for formative assessments and use Flubaroo to grade them and generate item analysis!Google Classroom Learn how to use this LMS to deliver content to your students and manage a paperless workflow.Drive With unlimited storage space, Google Drive is a great place to upload your documents so you have access anywhere Tellagami 30 Second Video Clips, Record voice or type script, Use iMovie to combine clips. EduCreations Record what you want on a whiteboard and connect students with a weblink.Prezi Great for non-sequential presentations. Easy to share with a link.Keynote Use this robust presentation maker, adding pictures, video, and sound! Save as a Quicktime Movie.Haiku Deck Great visual presentation maker with very little text. Awarded "Best in Presentation!" Sink your teeth into these greattech tools to top off any lesson!
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