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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 This is a map of the Islamic Middle East before the "Rise of Islam." The "Rise of Islam" first started when the birth of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in the city of Mecca first happened. This is a diagram of how Islam was spreading andgoverned in the MedievalAges (1100-1500). 3 game changers for Islam:1. The War against the Crusades2. The spread of news through the trade routes of Eurasia3. The new technology of the Medieval times (paper and calligraphy) Game-Changer or Status Quo? We believe that the Rise of Islam was agame-changer because it allowed many Muslims to practice their religion freely and it also helped people by introducing new waysof life to people who didn't know about thatand most importantly, it helped the Middle East establish a religion in which it would abide by, which helped form democracy and justice. Population of Islam after Muhammad's (pbuh) death Why was the Crusader's War A Game-Changer? This war game-changed the perspectiveof Eurasia because everyonethought that the Crusades were going to win the war,but the Muslim people held off well, contributing to newbelievers (the Christian prisoners). Why Were the Trade Routes of Eurasia a Game-Changer? The Eurasian trade routes were ahuge Game-Changer because after the conquest of the Holy Lands, all the news travelled through towards North Africa and Eurasia, creating many followers of Muhammad's (pbuh) religion. This also helped spark the Crusader's War because the Christiansheard of the news and didn't want a new religion to dominate the land of the Middle East. Why Was The Introduction of Calligraphy And Paper a Game-Changer? This was a huge game-changer for Islam,not only because the word of Islam would travel faster, but because Islam and its believers to be stronger with the religion and they would get to know more about the religion (through the spread of libraries). These are the routes the news spread through How Does The "Rise of Islam" Relate To the Medieval Times? The Medieval Times are anintegral part of the "Rise of Islam"because in the Middle Ages the discovery of paper and librariesmade the message spread and help more people to convert toIslam, which has helped the teachingsgo around to make it how it is today. Geographical Rise of Islam: Game-Changer or Status Quo?
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