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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 People today want a complete sports ecosystem where they can find good infrastructurewith even better facilities to make their experience better which would also connect them to other people with same sporting interests.Corporates who organize sporting events for their work force feel the need to get someprofessional help which would ease their job and at the same time result in a better event.Sports is now being seen as a career alternate and parents want their children to start early but are looking for places which have good facilities and at the same time are wellconnected with the schools. People who take sports seriously want to play in professionally organized tournamentswhich makes them feel like a star while performing for their teams. Things we want to address. Things what people have told us I wish someone would connect me with people who like to play football. I can't even find a goodfield to play at. It would be so cool if someone wouldorganize a professional style sports tournament in the city I want to be the next Virat Kohli. But myparents don't have the time to take me tocoaching classes. I wish someone would help me fulfill my dreams. I work with an MNC and wish if there was someone who would organize our sports tournaments.We just reach thevenue and have agood time. Building sports infrastructure in Noida. Noida hosts a bunch of corporates and educational institutions which hold business interests for us.Create a social platform where people with similar sporting interests can connect with each other. Organize tournaments where people can come and play competitive sport. Thesewill be very professional with all the facilities. Players would be made to feel like stars.Organize sporting events for corporates.We would provide them will all the facilities including food and refreshments.The infrastructure can also be used to run sports academies. Good coaching staff would be coupled with a pick and drop facilities for the kids. What are we planning to do? From long term deals with corporates and educational institutions. We can offer them packages which may include a specified number of events in a calendar year.Registering members with a fee (can be yearly, half-yearly, monthly). These members can use our sports facilities. A tournament can be organized for the members as well. Running sports academies which can be stable source of income.We can rent our sporting facility ad-hoc on per hour or day basis to whoever interested.We can sell sports merchandise/ equipment/ food/ drinks. We can rent space for target advertisement. For example, a college can advertise themselves to the school children who come to our academy How do we plan to make revenue? What is in it for Dkrrish? You will not need to worry about the development and maintenance of the sports facilities you intend to develop.This development will increase the desirability and consolidate the value of your project. This may also help in increasing the brand value of Dkrrish as brand.It will increase the foot-fall on your property which means more prospective buyers.Otherwise a liability, the space allocated for sports can generate some revenue for you.
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