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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 In education systems, sports have continuously been put on a pedestal over actual eduction. A school in Texas had to lay off 8 employees, close the middle school campus, the elementary school didn't have an art or music teacher for years, and the high school science labs were closed. With all of these things happening, they still continued to produce many sports teams. Even though the football team only won one game and hasn't been to the playoffs for decades. SPORTS OVER EDUCATION When figuring out how much money the school could save, $27,000 on athletic supply, $15,000 on insurance, $13,000 on referees, and $12,000 on bus drivers. Although many teachers that were coaches left, the grades proved that canceling sports helped. The percent of kids who passed their classes went from 50% to 80%. Sports were originally created to "protect" guys masculinity and steer them away from gambling and other stuff. Although it has kept them away from bad stuff, it has also steered them away from education Think About This:To stay in a sport you have to keep your grades up to a C.To get. college scholarship, you only need a 2.0 GPA and an 86 combined score on the ACT. Most kids that play sports in high school won't make it into college sports. The ones who do make it into college sports have an even smaller chance of making it pro. Baseball- College: 6.9% Pro:8.6%Men's Basketball- College: 3.4% Pro:1.2%Football- College: 6.5% Pro: 1.6%Men's Hockey- College: 11.2% Pro: 6.8%Women's Basketball- College:3.8 Pro:0.9Men's Soccer- College: 5.7% Pro:1.4% Players should have to keep their grades up to a B.It should be academically harder for an athlete to get a scholarship.Sports should be an option not a must in schools.
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