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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 x10 Participation in women's high school athletics has increased in just 40 years... Let's the accomplishments of women athletes, Not them in the media are , too... 3 Million so, why doesn't the media treat them that way? 300,000 Sexualized photos promote self-degration Am I good enough? I don't have a body like that! I want to be like her!She is so powerful and athletic! Performance photos garner positive reactions from women and girls. Athletes are seen as "role models" and "inspiring" Sexualized performance athletes are , too... Female athletes feel pressure to be in the media in order to receive attention But this has an on the viewers... ...Yet only 1.4% of ESPN broadcasts highlighted women's sports in 2009 (Messner and Cooky qtd. in Kian, Bernstein, and McGuire 145) (Anderson qtd. in Kane, LaVoi, and Fink 270) x10 "Inspiring" There is "Role Model" HOPE "[w]hat female athletes choose to do to empower themselves personally does oftentimes at the collective power of female athletes and of women's sports" ...and athletes Women 1.4% sexualized impact sexualized sexualized This is due to cultural lag This is due to ie. the idea that the beliefs have not yet caught up to the actions of society actions beliefs This is due to THE (Daniels) (Stamler) (Stull 56) celebrate (Hardin qtd. in Adams) DEMEAN Athletes must portray themselvesin a way that displays their athleticism. impact (Daniels 87) chip away The media tends to hyperfeminize [women] rather than highlight their athletic competence,
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