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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Touching Spirit BearBy: Ben Mikaeslen Theme: Sometimes you can fix your mistakes is you actually try. Summary:The summary of this book is that Cole Matthews when he was in school, he bashed Peter Driscal's head on the sidewalk. He hurt Peter's head pretty bad, so he went to juvinile detention.He was offered a choice to go to on a spirit trip to shorten his sentence, so he accepted. He was left on a island by himself with some supplies to survive.He gets mauled by a bear, so they send him to the hospital.He semi-recovers, then he takes the choice of continuing his spirit trip. Now, they send Peter to the island with him.Peter hates it at first, but then gives in. At the end, they make a totem pole, and Peter and Cola become good friends. In the beginning, Cole is outraged at Peter for snitching to the teacher, so afterclass, he bashes his head against the sidewalk. In the middle, he is held in a Juvenile Penitentiary.His judge suggests that he goes on a spirit trip to shorten his sentence. He agrees and is sent to a deserted island.He burns up his house on the island, then later in the bookhe is mauled by a bear. Then at the end, he is in a hospital. They give him the option to end the spirit trip, but h refusesto end his trip. Then, they decide to send Peter to the island with Cole.Peter at first still has some hate for Cole, but then Peter and Cole decide to make a totem pole.Then Peter and Cole becomegood friends. My setting in this book is in an island, and it related to the theme because he has to fix his mistakes on a island with only him andPeter in it. This is a strong obsticle to be able tofix your mistake, thats why he tried and the themeis you have to try hard to fix your mistakes. My protagonists, Cole, supports this theme, because he is trying to fix a problem that he did before. My antagonists, againCole, is the fitting the theme because although he smashedPeter's head against the sidewalk, he jis trying his best to fix his problem becuase he regrets what he did. double click to change this header text! <--------- Not a bear
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