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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Spiral A Perfect Society. Spiral is a Utopia located on the planet Saturn.We harness Saturn's rings for our recyclable clean energy.Without the rings, our people will be deprived and will struggle to survive.The people of Spiral are all equal. Every one person has equal rights and equal opportunities to be whatever and whoever they want to be. Population Spiral has a population of 1.2 Million people.50% male and 50% female. Government There is no one true ruler. Everyone has a say and an equal say at that.No one person has more power over another from a government standpoint. There are representatives from every family that vote new rules andregulations, then the majority vote is passed up to a city representativeand passed up to the federal government. Housing You only live with your immediate family. You may live wherever and live in whatever home you choose. Jobs People will be able to freely choose their jobs. But if their is a shortage of a certain job, the people will take it upon themselves to fill in that job. Pay for the jobs will depend on how much that profession was used or needed by Spiral as a whole. This is a different type of commission for the jobs.Even if your personal occupation isn't used very much, you will still make a great deal of money.Everyone over the age of 18 will work, no matter what the job, no questions asked, this is because everyone must contribute to the society in their own way. Education You have a free reign to go into any education major you please. You can choose to or to not attend school at any level.You can get a job with or without a college diploma. It is completely up to the employer.If he thinks you are right for the job, you will get it. Diploma or no diploma. Laws The only two laws in Spiral are Treat people how you want to be treated and use your common sense.
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