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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How TheWorld Works Green Hat - We had to use elements and mix them to see what theymake.- We had to present our own experiment and demonstrate how it works.- We made a stomp dance in music to perform on stage inthe theatre. White Hat - We had find out what happensin the experiment and what arethe changes and reactions.- We had to know more about the facts in our matter and materials inventions.- We need to know more about our own element in the ElementsTile project. Red Hat - We felt nervous before presenting ourscience experiments- We were relieved after presenting our science experiments.- We felt happy when our hard works were finished and sent to the teacher. Yellow Hat - We now know more aboutscience and know more scienceexperiments.- We learned about the periodic table and more aboutthe elements.- We had lots of information on the inventions in matters and materials. Black Hat - We think we could improve our SPT byadding more informations and be more detailed.- We think the UOI could bemore fun by inviting aguest speaker.- We think that the science fair should be in booths. Blue Hat - We could make our experiments moredetailed and informative by adding more infos to the SPT.- Our experiments affect societiesand the environment.- The results of our experiment could be a good or a bad impact for the societyand the environment.
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