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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Majestic Ming Chronicle The Majestic Ming Chronicle The END of Zheng He's incredible voyages? January 29, 1430 Issue 230 18 ¥ China. We are a country with limits. So why let our government deny us the simple right to explore and rule the world? Our government plans to cut funding for the greatest explorer our world will ever know, Zheng He, to continue to find find new places on our massive Earth. He is completely worthy of receiving this funding, since he has encountered many different situations in his life and has come through all of them. He was born as Ma He, a poor Muslim, which is very uncommon here. This was only the beginning of his diverse life. Unfortunately, his father died, leaving little Ma He to be captured ;dragged away from his home by the army. To lift his spirits, Ma He began to fill his mind to the brim with knowledge, which benefited him immensely later on. Officials saw the incredible knowledge and hidden potential located within this troubled child. Eventually, he became such a trusted assistant and best friend to the great prince, Yong Lee, that he was given the honored title Zheng, and was sent out to explore the great world for China. His success as an explorer was nearly supernatural, going from China to the depths of Indonesia, visiting the wonders of Thailand, India, and Sri Lanka, flying across the shining lands of Arabia, even arriving at the sandy coasts of East Africa! All of this potential to be wasted. All of this glory that could be ours! But it can only happen if Zheng He is able to continue his passion, which he is better than any other who lives or ever will live within this world! But how can Zheng He explore without the funding necessary? Before, his fleet was the finest ever to glide across the waters of the oceans. Now, it is destined to be bound to our docks forever, becoming home to the creatures of the sea. We are a country filled with might, tenacity, and perseverance. We could use these qualities to rule the world. But the most necessary thing to obtain for a major undertaking is money, the backbone of all society. You have seen the capabilities of Zheng He. With enough funds, he can do anything! It is up to us to save the opportunity we have here. Stop the government from ending funding for Zheng Hes voyages, and China will gain tribute from all the world! Together, we are strong! The ALL NEW Custom Vase and Plate program! Porcelain With a Passion Presents... Zheng He's magnificent fleet No longer will you have to have the same designs over andover again. In two simple steps,you can have your own dream vase or plate! Call (1800)NEW-VASE for more information. Step 1: Fill out and submit order form with required money. Available at your local porcelain store or Porcelain with a Passion Center.Step 2: Wait for your amazing vase or plate to arrive!IT'S THAT SIMPLE! Only EVERYTHINGyou need to knowabout your country!Printed daily!
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