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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 We follow her on a story of her facing real life problems with family"friends" , and teachers. Group roles: Artist Characters Melinda was rapedat said party, thisemotionally scared her esspecially during the following year. Author This extraordinary first novel has captured the imaginations of teenagers and adults across the country. Melinda is the protagonistwho is shunned by her peers because she called the cops at a party summer. Heather, as a new kid, badly wants to fit in. She tried to get into the group called the "Marthas". She, as a new kid, ba Week one: Melinda's bedroom Week two:Melinda's cubist tree She befriends a person named Heather,Heather wants badly to fit in so she tries to join a group. Then out of the blue she suggests to Melindathat they shouldn't be friends anymore. Laurie Halse Anderson 1999 National Book Award Finalist with Speak "This is a gritty,powerful book...that could launch a lot of discussions" Reveiws - other titles: ~Fever 1793~Catalyst~Prom Melinda Heather Heather asks abunch of favors from Melinda. Even though... Heather confronted Melinda about theirfriendship. She thinks that the only way to fit in with the Marthas is to not be friends withMelinda anymore. Heather puts a note on her locker afterHeather talked to Melinda. Mr. Freeman I think that he is a good figure to have in Melinda's life. He is always encoreging her to do her best. Freeman gives Melinda "a ride" when he sees her standing by the bus stop. Even when Melindafeels hopeless and like a mess up, at drawing a tree, he helps her withoutcritisism. But withsuggestions and kindwords. Rachel/Rachellle Towards the begging of the book,when Melinda was going through the emotins of a newschool year with fellowpeers, Rachelle mouths the words "I hate you". When Melinda saw Rachelle with Andy (the guy that raped her)she sent her an annonomous message telling her that he is "bad news". But Rachelleignored her warning. After the summer party, the "Plain Jane"group split up. Rachel even took drastic measures to change her name to Rachelle, and majorly change her apperance. This shows that even someone like heris trying to find a place to fit in. Rachelle joins a group of foreign exchange studentsto "hang out" with. She would almostdo anything to get in a good popularitystandard. Fun fact:When she was 16, she went to a pig fram in Denmark as a foreign exchange student Towards the end of the book, Rachel really listens, and accepts Melinda, and she really came throughfor her, by realizingwho Andy Evansreally was. Toward the end, Melinda encounters a very seirious problem. Andy (raper) lockes themin a closet together andattempts to "hurt "her again. However, she wards him off, and puts him in his place. At the end of the year, he passesMelinda with an A+ Week three:Bathroom Graffiti
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