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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Marine Spartan vs UNIT Single Lines8-12 men deepFormed Phalanx BODY ARMOR WEAPONS UNIFORM HELMET Bronze and horse hair Bronzed breast platesGrieves for forearms and legs Doru (7--9 ft spear)Xiphos (stabbing short sword)Kopis (hackingshort sword)Aspis (phalanxshield) These are a strange people. I served Sparta from the age of 7. They begin service at the age of 18.Not all their men are required to wear their military's uniform. Those that do are allowed to leavewithin four years. We render a life of service to our 60th year. The longest they serve is 30 years.However, the Gods show them favor. Zeus and Ares have given them the sky for warfare. Poseidongrants them access to his seas. Athena shares her battle strategies, and their enemies tremble beforethem. Yet, they thank singular gods. One thanks a Jesus, while another Allah. I see one offer incense toa Buddah and another to the God and Goddess of the Earth. I fear their one God is not enough to aid them; for they appear to find trouble at every corner. When they are not at war with others, theyfight bitterly among themselves.I must leave this dreadful place. Their women are given equal places of status among them. Noslaves aid their families. (Yet, they seem to make slaves with no masters out of some.) Only theirwarriors are strong and brave. They offer an education to all their people, where I was honored with this due to my service as a Spartan warrior. No, I must return to my own place in my own time. Crimson tunic andcloak to hide bloodstains of self orenemyLong hairSandals HELMET Kevlar and cloth BODY ARMOR Bullet-proof Kevlar and hardened steel insertsKneepadsGloves WEAPONS M-4 Service RifleCombat scopeBayonet9-mm PistolGrenades UNIFORM MARPAT camoto blend in with desert or junglesurroundingsAll-terrain boots UNIT 4-man fire teams8-13 man squads26-55 man platoons I am a Spartan of Ancient Greece, one of the most feared warriors in all of history! I found myself in this strange, future place. Here I met the United States Marine. I hear it said thatthese Marines are now the fiercest warriors. I shall see about that.
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