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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Hispanic Heritage Month September 15th - October 15th Two important Hispanic figures Country of origin: Puerto RicoBirthday: December 11th, 1931Significance: won an Oscar, Grammy, Tony, and Emmy Country of origin: Guadalajara Birthday: December 21, 1976Significance: Wrote a famous novel called The People of Paper Salvador Plascencia Rita Moreno Northern Colorado Event What? Taste of Mexico Cooking DemoWhen? October 4th, 7-8:30pmWhere? Old Town Library on 201 Peterson St. Fun Fact about Hispanic Food tap and hold to change this header text! Tapas are not a typical dishes or food, tapas are more a way to eat them. The word 'tapa' means cover and Tapas originally were slices of cheese or something else used to cover a drink in order to keep flies and mosquitos away! Music and food important to their culture! In Spain, mealtimes are used to socialize with family and friends. They provide time to talk and be with family (as well as eat delicious food). Music is heavily influenced by the Mayans and arrival of Columbus. Common music today include the salsa and merengue. While Hispanic food does tend to be spicy, that isn't all there is. There's delicious meats, fruits, tortillas, corn, rice, and beans incorporated in dishes. Typically, their music is upbeat and spunky with instruments uncommon in America like maracas. Sources: ; ; ; ;
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