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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Language Use Expectations Bienvenidos Technology Policy Spanish II Grading This class will consist of five units based around different novels,short stories, and texts.We willbegin with a review of Spanish I material and an introduction on the style of this course. The main method used in our classroom is known as TPRS. This method requiresstudents to be active paticipants each day and puts the responsibility of learning in your hands! To be successful in this class you will need to take ownership of your learning. All communication in this course will be in Spanish unless otherwise specified by teacher. Participation will be a large factor in your grade. If you are not speaking Spanish, it will negatively affect your grade in this class.To learn a language, you must use it! Grading will be done out of points earned versus total points available. You will have one project assessment per unit, and multiple major and minor assessments as we progress through the material. Students should come prepared to class at all times for a quiz, as most will not be announced. 1. Treat your peers and teacher with respect at all times.2. Be an active and positive contribution or our classroom community.3. Speak kindly. Communicate with teacher privately if you are having a bad day.4. Leave the classroom neat and organized as you found it each day.5. Always try your best. Be willing to make mistakes.6. Wait your turn to speak. Do not talk over anyone. Cell phones, laptops, and other electronic devices are allowed in class ONLY for educational purposes and when instructed to be used by teacher. Free time on devices may be earned as a class with good behavior and participation. Technology will be incorporated into our classroom lessons. FOOD IS NOT PERMITTED IN CLASS. ONE EAR BUD ONLY WITH HEADPHONE USE.
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