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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Francisco de Goya (1746-1828)~A painter famous for his elegant style of art~Known for his ability to capture realistic detail of ordinary events ~Very popular inSpanish-speaking countries~Many young peoplejoin gyms or teams ~Located in Chicago, IL~Home to one of U.S.'s largestMexican communities~Has murals, businesses, and popularrestaurants Pilsen Neighborhood Movies ~Popular form of entertainment~Mexico, Argentina, Columbia,and Venezuela have importantindustries~Spanish-speaking teens tendto go in groups to the movies ~A U.S. Commonwealth since 1952 ~Old San Juan is a popular historical area in its capital~El Morro was built in the16th century to fight against English and French pirates~La Catedral de San Juanhas many works of art Puerto Rico Old San Juan ~Popular and lively part of San Juan, Puerto Rico's capital~Authorities try to preservecolonial houses and buildings United States ~St. Augustine, Florida is the oldest European settlement inthe U.S.~Spain used to control a large territory in North America ~The French Quarter was ruled mostly by the Spanish, and the architectural style was also Spanish~Many cities in southwestern U.S. were built aroundSpanish Catholic missions~Castillo de San Marcos was originally built toprotect St. Augustine and sea routes for shipsreturning to Spain from enemy attacks Sports Clubsand Gyms Strolling Strolling through a city's main square is very popular in Spanish-speaking countries 4A Spanish Culture by Valeria Bahri
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