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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Blown Away Wind energy has been supplying about 20.9% of Spain's energy since 2012. Spain is number 3 in the world to be using renewable resources for large portions of their energy needs. In Europe, it is only second to Germany. There are large wind farms all over Spain, mostly along the coast. Spain has started updating the old wind farms to maximize their usage. The wind energy usage in Spain is enough to power 15.5 million household Wind hits rotating blades, goes down the shaft, covert wind kinetic energy into electricity Transformer increases voltage for transportation to substation Substation increases voltagefor transportation over long distances Transmission to grid Benefits! Drawbacks! Clean fuel source.SustainableCost effectivewind turbines can bebuilt upon eshisting farms/ ranches wind farms are often located in remote locations noise pollution potential to damage wildlife This is a graph that shows what parts of Spain get the most wind and therefore, the most effective places to put wind turbines. While wind energy is a powerful and profitable source of energy for many countries, Spain's useof it may not be the best investment for Spain right now. Wind energy is being subsidized by thegovernment in Spain, a government that is alreadyin steep financial trouble. It is green and definitelya benefit for the future but is it practical for a country already in that much trouble? We'll have to see! View of wind farm in Spain from a plane! Sources Link: Different parts of a Wind Turbine
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