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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Problems Issues with Lenin Every government faces problems, but the Soviet Union was plagued by problems. Some people would not comply with the Bolsheviks so Lenin set up a secret police to scare people. He said it was to prevent a counter-revolution. Farmers started hoarding all their food because the government was selling to them at very low prices. Lenin told Stalin to go to the farms and kill anyone who has been selling their grain to the black market. NKVD spying. "Give us a man, and we'll make a case."Speaking another language, collecting stamps, owning a hotel, anyone could be arrested for anything. Disease and starvation killed more than 5 million Even the NKVD were purged. 23 000 were shot. Historical works were destroyedso the people would only knowStalin how he wanted themto know him. Stalin controlled the media. Issues with Stalin When a drought hit the Soviet Union, the government took the reserves farmers held for themselves. Grain quotas had to be met even if the farmer had nothing left. There were reports of cannibalism and people eating buried animals. Stalin also collectivized farms, while deporting 8 million Kulaks. The Kulaks were also the more skilled and experienced farmers so this weakened the workforce. The workers resisted collectivization by slowing down their work and killing their animals which worsened the famine that peaked in 1933. Stalin also invested in new farm machinery but peasants didn't know how to use it or maintain it. Many factories were built halfway due to lack of funds, and 25 000-40 000 people died digging a canal by hand to connect the Baltic and White seas. When Stalin didn't get what he wanted he used force (the NKVD). The inexperienced military caused more deaths for the Soviet Union during WWII than any other country. Around 20 million. Soldiers who retreated were shot even though most were not trained and had no weapons. Stalin abandoned POWs. When Yakov was captured he embarrassed Stalin and Yakov killed himself. Stalin did not have the money or patience to recover the country after the war and used terror once more, imprisoning 2.5 million people. Starving people died onthe side of the road becauseof the famine Stalin caused the deaths of more than14.5 million people. He was a leader that massacred his own citizens and stripped them of their rights & freedoms. NKVD spies were everywhere, waiting to arrest and kill whoever they could. Most communist party members were tortured into confessing to crimes they did not commit. Their families would be arrested too for association. Stalin replaced them with dumber people who he could use, this meant there were more uneducated people in power. Senior military officers knew too much and were killed. This created an unprepared army later on. Towns had quotas for arrests that they had to meet.
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