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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 2 Known For: 1 Advantages: Cool Fact Location: Natural/Physical Feature: Industries/Crops Climate: Man Made Feature: 16% Why People Live Here: This state is known for: Southeastern State: Disadvantage s: Palmetto Tree South Carolina Coal mines are very important in the South Carolina. Lime stone, granite and clay areSouth Carolina's mineral resources. . double click to change this header text! . World's largest sand castle werebuilt in South Carolina. . . Fort Sumter is across the bay fromCharleston, the first shots fromthe Civil War were shot there. Fruits, vegetables, paper . . Peaches, corn . Tobacco, soybeans,cotton, fertillizer . South Carolina makesmany chemicals, dyes,and medicine. South Carolina is not as crowed as different places. . South Carolina has very nice weather. South Carolina is rightnext to the ocean and it provides fishing,swimming . . . South Carolina is a little bitmore warmer in the winterit is 45 degrees F. Also Tornado's strikestrongly South Carolina has manyHurricanes that strikesbadly. The Economy is improving from the past! Manufacturing has becomethe states leading industry. Spring and summer havethe most rain. South Carolina is east of the Atlantic Ocean. Under South Carolina isGeorgia and North Carolina is above South Carolina Every summer there aremore then 100 airballoons in the air South Carolina is the only state in the southeast region thatproduces gold. Alina Gasior/Kyan Thukkaram/Jovan Haug
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