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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Hundred Deaths Confirmed in 2011 Billion People at Risk Million Cases Confirmed in 2011 2.1 Severe malaria can cause lifelong intellectual disabilities in children, and malarias economic impact is estimated to cost billions of dollars in lost productivity every year. Malaria Facts 25 75 2.5 1.2 10 77% 80% 50% of the entire world's population is at risk of malaria infection at anytime South Asia is now known to be the second most affected reigon in the world increase of the appearance of the drug-resistant parasite in a 5 year span Malaria, a disease commonly transmitted by the bite of an infected female mosquito, is seen in the countries with the highest poverty rates. South Asia is the second most affected region in the world, India being the country in this region with the highest Malaria rates. MALARIA billion peopleout of 1.4 billion peoplein 11 South Asian countriesare at risk % of deathswere childrenunder the ageof 5 fold has the funding for malaria goneup % of the number of cases has declined globallyover the pastdozen years 1.4 In South Asia alone 19 Sources:North Carolina Prevention Report Card 2012Reaching the Healthy People Goals for Reducing Childhood Obesity Closing the Energy GapTipping the Scales of South Asia's malaria total is contributed by India million casesof malariacontribute tothe global burden Malaria is caused by parasites transmitted bymosquitoes. The symptoms consist of high fevers, chills,flu-like symptoms, and severe anemia.
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