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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tokyo Beijing Beijing's air pollution is 5 times higher than the standard of safety set out by the World Trade Organisation. Beijing is located northern of the North China plan, near the meeting point of Xishan and Yanshan. Beijing's population is a whopping 19,612,368 {2014}. This leads to highly dangerous levels of pollution. This much pollutioncan cut life expectancy by 15 years!!! As of 2014 Beijing's population almost equalled that of Australia, yet the pollution is still much higher. Beijing itself lies on flat land {elevation 20 to 60m} that opens to the East and South. Tokyo is located in the southern Kanto region, positioned in approximately the centre of the Japanese archipelago. The population of Tokyo is 37,200,000. 11.8% are aged 0-14, 18.9% are aged 65 or over. Since Beijing can't control their population growth it makes it very hard to get around because the traffic is so condensed. Although Tokyo's population ismassive it still handles it's transportationa lot better than Beijing, mostly by having many more ways of traveling. In 2005 Tokyo was claimed the richest city in the world. Beating the 2nd richest city by $600 million. Tokyo is also keeping it's city fit by holding heaps of marathons which Tokyo is famous for. Tokyo itself lies on pretty hilly ground. With there being manymountains very close to Tokyo, it makes it very hard for Tokyo to expand, because you can't really build high-rises on a mountain. Even though Tokyo has a larger population, it still manages to keep it's pollution rates at a reasonable level, meeting the World Trade Organisations standards. Rise of the megacities Rise of the megacities What is a megacity? A metropolitan area with a total population in excess of ten million people. Megacities were created because of people swarming into larger towns in search for a better life, this is usually called the "Push and Pull Factor". The main reason for people swarming to one place could be for a number of factors, job opportunities, better infrastructure, closer to shops and no food shortages. Although it's great to live in a megacity the overcrowding, pollution, poverty and higher crime rates makes it a pretty tough place to live.
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