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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Rio De Janerio Tokyo Rio de janerio is in the southern eastern region of brazil, near the equator in the sothern hemisphere.Cituated On the Tropic of Capricorn Rio has an estimated population of 6.35 million in 2014, which means its the second largest city in Brazil. There is around 4,781 per square kilometre. With a big population theres not a lot of money. Majority of people are Portuguese but there is Lebanese as well The core of Rio is called the centre. The largest metropolitan area is the south zone. North Zone is heavily populated and is the industrial. West zone is more accessible with more of the cities recent growth,Rocinha is identified as Rio's largest slum area whichhave houses called Favelasn Nearly 23% of Rio live in these Means January river, named by mistake, there's actually no river. Named in the month January and thought the bay was a river mouth. Rio was the capital from 1763 to 1960. 2014 World Cup was played in Rio. Tokyo is in Japan, in the Kante region.Northwest of Tokyo bay. Northern hemisphere There was 13.35 million on May 1st. 10% of Japans total population.Tokyo has the most people in one city in the world. In the centre there is a pieceof land which is surrounded by a moat, use to be a castlenow signifys the centre of Tokyo. There is a YamanoteLine which forms a line around the central area which have hotels, nightlife districts and attractions are situated near the centre. Out of loop is the residential area. Been the most populated city since 1958. Almost no vandalism,extremely clean. You can get around much of Tokyo by train, it has the most extensive urban railway network worldwide. Five of the top 25 amusement parts are in Tokyo. Tokyo is finally starting to struggleagainst overpopulation the priceof land and apartments is rising.There is more people unemployedand homeless. Rio are facing extreme challenges with at least 23% livingin slum areas. There a serious crime problems with a lot of gang fights. Resouurces can`t keep up with the growing population. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. The Rise of The Megacity A Megacity Is a large city with a high population spefically one over 10million people. Megacities are created when a lot of people are drawn to one city. People are drawn so they can earn a higher income, also they are more civilised and there is more accessible facilities. The disadvantages are there is lots of noise.People are also more likely to get sick with more pollution
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