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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 IndonesiaJarkata MexicoMexico city Mexico City populationincrease Jarkata PopulationIncrease Jakarta is located in Indonesia Asia; the population of Jakarta is 10.1 million closer to the city. The democratises of this city is that it is on the North West coast of java more likely populated bringing the total amount 19.1 million including cities and suburbs close by. This city is very old and is surrounded by other cities and suburbs make it about 19.1 million people. 80% of farmers are over the age of 45 years old. There commuters, circular migrants, expatriates. Its a big area which takes up rural area \by this megacity. The megacity covers a total area of 5987km2. The issues in Jakarta are lack of employment, low density housing, health care, environment issues, and crime. Mexico City is built on an island in lake Texaco, America. The population of this city is 12.294193 million people. Demographics of this city that the valley of authentic (guesthouse) has been one of the most density populated regions in the country.2.16 million people have private cars. There are many high rises in this city. More than 24000 passenger bus rides. About one-fifth of Mexicos people live in metropolitan areas, people are mixed with European and Indian ascent. The expanse of this city is 1,485km2 and is used with central business district (CBD), industrial areas, native areas, residential areas, commercial areas, these are all the things that are used to cover the space of the megacity. These are some of the things3 that Mexico City handles in good ways with urban pressures, (E.G.-Public transport won 2013 sustained transport award, There are high density, medium density, and low density housing. And there are some disadvantages living in Mexico City. The rise of the megacity double click to change this header text! A megacity is a metropolitan area with an excess of ten million people. The growth of large cities and metropolitan areas has been so significant that city become megacities. A megacity looks like a big are taken up by skyscrapers and high. These megacities have many buildings in it. The population growth in countries and cities. It is estimated by 2030 nearly 60% of the worlds people will live in an urban area. Urbanisation is the process of economic and social change which in an increasing population of a country lives in rural rural areas it is harder to find work, lack of services, distance to travel. But overall there are advantages and disadvantages to living in a megacity in 21st century. Fictional firtst person Hi my name is bobby and Im here to talk about megacities. The reason I live in Seraipanok is because this is where my family lives here, Born and raised. There are some migration barriers to leave there isnt enough money, low transport, dont have anywhere to go. The daily social challengers are pollution, slum condition, traffic, lots of cars on the road. Some environmental challenges are water supply, diseases, salt water intrusion, homes washed away. Coastal Erosion, polluted cities. Some economic challenges are unstainable infrastructures. These are some things you could overcome these challenges go to clean area of the city for a couple hours, use back roads push bikes public transport, black-market water, sand bags & barriers around houses, avoid coast when raining. Liam Dodd
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