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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 42 Gallons per barrel158.98 Liters per barrel Delhi, India Tokyo, Japan Changing Nations A megacity is a city with a popualtion of over10 million people.A megacity starts as a smalltown or city then through time it is biult out to create a megacity. Megacities population growsdue to migration from rural areas.People movefrom rural areas due to higher employment incities,more services (health education) and moreresources (food,water, ect.) Why Delhi is struggling as a mega city..Vast numbers of people migrate fromrural areas to Delhi's urban areas. High unemployment. Due to it's rapid population growth Delhi struggles with pressure to improve commercial and residentialinfrastructure like basic housing,access to clean water and wastemanagement..Delhi faces pollution as one of it's mostcritical problems.49% of the population lives in slums Tokyo PopulationDelhi Population Tokyo and Delhi's population 2014 0 5000000 10000000 15000000 20000000 25000000 30000000 35000000 40000000 Population In 2009 Tokyo wasconsidered third most livable cityby Monocle Magazine. Delhi has 6352 people per square kilometer. Fourth most polluted city. Why Tokyo is a functional mega city. .Tokyo transportation network(trains, buses, taxi, etc.)manages its huge populationand functions efficiently.. Tokyo's thriving economy allowsthe government the fund to providenecessary services eg. health, housing,education for it's population.. Considering Tokyo's populationit has a low crime rate of 16.33%.. Tokyo's government has set amandatory program aimingto cut 25% of the 2000 levels ofcarbon emission by the end of 2020. Tokyo has thelargest metropolitaneconomy in the word Tokyo has limitednatural resourcesand has had to adoptenergy efficient strategies.
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