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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Jakarta, Indonesia Mexico Rise Of A Megcity Mexico City is located in the Valley of Mexico. This valley, also known as the Valley of the Damned is a large valley in the high plateaus at the center of Mexico. Mexico City is situated in central-south Mexico. Mexico is located bottom of North America. Mexico City has a population of 21.1 million in 2014. People immigrate from all over the world to have better lifestyles; immigrates mainly come from the United States, Europe and Asia. As there are no official immigration figures, estimates showing that 700,000 US Americans migrate to Mexico, with a majority of them moving to Mexico City? Seraipanok Seraipanok People I know, who live inSeraipanok, they live there,because their family andrelatives live there. Somepeople can't leave Seraipanok,mostly because they lack thefinances to move. The reasonfor the lack of finance is that705 of the populationa aremainly poor. Most of theirfinances are spent on highrent, this is because of housingavaibilty is low, food costare high also, this is due a largeamount of food being imported.One of the contributing factorsis that the climated being so hotand dry.In Seraipanok, some social issueswe have are traffic congestion, theft,murder and racism. We have a lot ofenvironmental problems like polution;polluted water ways from the risingsea levels letting salt contaminate the water. Sea levels rising causing the west coast being washed away destroying housing on coast. The slum conditions in Seraipanok are less than 20% of the population. Some ways to over come these problems, would be to move inland, provide water filters for the population of Seraipanok and try and get a job. A megacity is a metropolitan area with an excess total of ten million people. A megacity is formed by the growth of large cities, and metropolitan areas have been so significant that so cities have become megacities. A megacity would look like a lot of people driving or walking to school, work and shops. Tokyo is the worlds largest megacity with over 30 million and some photos show streets filled with people. Global population trends means that the population growth in particular countries and cities. By 2030, nearly 60% of the worlds people will live in a urban area. Population growth is declining in most developed countries (nations such as Japan and USA) and increasing in developing countries (many poorer nations in Africa, for example). Urbanisation is increasing in developing nations and this is where many of the worlds largest cities are located. Urbanisation is the process of economic and social change in which an increasing proportion of a country live in urban areas. Rural-urban migration is when people moving from farm/country into city for jobs, better lifestyle and more services like health and education. Jakarta is the largest city in Indonesia. Population in 2014 is 252.8 million est. the population in 2013 was 250.6 million in one year there has been a 2.2 million increase in population. The population density is 15,342 people per square km.
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