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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How has this MNC changed the ways of life or beliefs Cutural Factors While technology is seen as a revolution, this can have a very negative effect on cultural factors. Some of the cultural factors impacted is diet, moral values, beliefs, and traditions. Diet is affected due to the laziness caused by technology, as people do not want to hop off their technology as it is addicting. Unfortunately, as technology progresses some people forget about real traditions, whether they relate to religion, culture, family, etc. This has lead to a very negative impact towards many cultures. Many people are very much different from 100 years ago, when tchnology was npot relied on, and when cultural factors were not getting affected negatively be Microsoft and technology all together. Has this cultural impact led to a positive or negative cultural change What specific cultural factors have been impacted Many companies that are involved with industrialising technology have improved our daily lives that our ways of life have changed. This is because everything is so much easier with the assistance of technology. This unfortunately has meant that many people who rely on technology more then others become lazier, and their ways of life are unhealthy. Microsoft has changed the way we believe and live our lives through a faster and greater access to everything we could possibly use on a daily basis. This includes many forms of communication, shopping, learning, and entertainment. Due to this, many people don't know different and we believe that this revolution with technology helping our everyday lives. There are some positives to this however, such as some places having access to news, weather, and other factors when before it was more limited and restricted. This gives people more access and knowledge about what's happening around them. Another aspect of cultural factors that have been impacted are moral values,traditions, and beliefs. This has been greatly affected due to how basically all Microsoft items allow you to access the internet. This means that you have access to millions of bias and unbiased articles about religion, race, etc.
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