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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 It is said on many pages focused on the topic of recycling on Microsoft's webpage that they condone the act of recycling all old products from the consumer. This is not ht ecase however, as reported by, as hey have \released an article about how Microsoft and Dell dump e-waste in Ghana, Nigeria, China, and India. Microsoft has had a very negative impact on local habitats and biomes in developing countries. This is due to the fact that Microsoft dumps e-waste in developing countries, and because of the pollution of factories in developing countries. Does Microsoft use recycled products and how does Microsoft dispose of waste With more workers working longer hours in more factories, the amount of pollution in air and water is at an all time high, with a still increasing rate. This is because the amount of products being made in factories is very high, and the smoke and toxic waste being emitted from the factories. Microsoft has expanded it's trading areas, so nearly every country in the world is making or distributing parts for Microsoft. This means that many countries are disposing of this waste and e-waste incorrectly, and could in return harm the environment surrounding them. Environmental Factors How does Microsoft have an effect on levels of pollution The disposal of e-waste from Microsoft is relatively safe, as the company recycles their old parts to make new, functioning parts. Some stores even have in-store recycling, where if the product (Xbox 360, Computer, Laptop, etc.) you own has no value, they will wipe it of all data and recycle it for you. How does Microsoft have an impacts on local habitats/biomes This can give humans very serious cases of illnesses such as lung cancer, can effect all wildlife in every aspect, such as food, shelter, reproduction, can effect water and soil, which in the long run effects yield production, and water for consumption of animals and humans.
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