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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Additionally when:--behaving under the influence of intoxicants--having a dependency that could harm or endanger others--possessing, trafficking or distributing drugs or substancesRefusing a drug test leads to disciplinary action If you want to work with children:We need a copy of your criminal history!Your right to study could be revokeon the grounds of a conviction for-- an act of obscenity-- a sexual crime-- a homicide or aggravated assault-- a gross narcotics offenceProvide us with your criminal record! What an adventure! WHO DECIDES?Disability Health ProblemCriminal historyHabit of endangering othersDrug dependentAlcohol dependentTrafficking or distributing drugsPossessing drugs ProposedAmmendments to: ProposedAmmendments to: The Vocational Education and Training ActThe Vocational Adult Education ActThe Polytechnics ActThe Universities ActThe Criminal Records Act Disciplinary ActionsImproving Safety Disciplinary ActionsImproving Safety Drug Testing Drug Testing Under statutes, those with:--practical studies--traineeships--on-the-job-learning Revocation ofthe Right to Study Revocation ofthe Right to Study SORA is good Will you accept mein the program? Do you havea disability? Since SORA legislation was passed, disability NGOshave learned of several instances where SORA hasformed a concrete barrier to educational opportunitiesof persons with disabilities blocking student acceptance.This problem has emerged particularly in vocationaltraining at the secondary level. Such practices arecontrary to the position taken by the ConstitutionalCommittee and the UN Convention of the Rights ofPersons with Disabilities. Do I seem like I have a health problemendangering anyone's health or safety?Have I repeatedly endangered anotherperson's health or safety?Do I seem to have a health problemwhich could undermine another person'shealth or safety? Health Health Safety Safety Education Education Who decides if I Look LikeA Danger to Others? Problems with SORA Problems with SORA Disabilities Disabilities Checklist for Revoking Right to Study Checklist for Revoking Right to Study SORA is bad Before revoking your rights, we will: Finnish SORA Legislation Finnish SORA Legislation -- Discuss other study options you have-- Transfer you to another training program-- Allow you to reapply 1 year after cancellation decision
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