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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Villain? Hero or Andrew Jackson: Many people agree that Andrew Jackson is a hero due to his acts during the American Revolution and the War of 1812. Who was Andrew Jackson? Another reason people considerAndrew Jackson a hero is because he was the first president to rise from a low social level to living in the White House. ...Andrew Jackson was the 7th president of the United States....He grew up in North Carolina....Joined the Army and fought in the Revolutionary War....He soon became a member of the House of Representatives. ...He then took on the position of being the United States Senator....He fought in the War of 1812....Eventually, Andrew Jackson became the United States President in 1829.!/people/andrew-jackson-9350991#synopsis People consider Andrew Jacksonas a villain because of his acts during the First Seminole War.Jackson was very harsh with his troops. This behavior included executions for mutiny. Also during the First Seminole War, Andrew Jackson capturedtwo British subjects. He believedthem to be agents so Jackson had them tried and executed. Who was Andrew Jackson? All in all, Andrew Jackson showed himself as a hero in some cases, but other times he came across as a villain. While in war is whenhe showed these characteristics the most. Andrew Jackson proved his heroic title while in war. He also showed this during his presidency. But, Andrew Jackson also seemed like a villain in war. He was very harsh with troops. With all of this information, I believe Sources... Overall, Andrew Jackson was both a hero and a villain, it just depended on which was you look at things. While in war, Andrew Jackson did many good things. Some of those thing seven led to the winning of a war for the side he was fighting for. Also, during his presidency, Andrew Jackson showed some idea that he was a hero. But, during some cases Andrew Jackson presented himself more as a villain. Some of these acts were also while in war. So depending on your priorities,Andrew Jackson could fit into both categories; hero and villain. I believe that Andrew Jackson was a hero based of that information. He did a few non-heroic things but overall, he became a positive image for our country.
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