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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Histor y On September 1945,Masura Ibuka returned to a war-damaged capital to start workin the Shirokiya department store wherethere was only a phone box and damaged walls. Sony's Produce in Technology and Equipment The items produced by Sony varied between many different technological products such as televisions, projectors, Video Players, Stereos, Speaker, Lenses, Cameras, Video Cameras, Tablets, eBook Readers, Headphones, Consoles, Smartphones Computers were also made by Sony but under the name VAIO and phones were also under the brand Sony Ericsson Earning s In 2006 alone Sony had a profit of $1.7 billion over the millions of items sold Head Office Location The word Sony was derived from the word Sonus which is Latin for sonic which means sound and sonny which means youthful boy. The Sony Head office is located in Minato, Tokyo, Japan Advertisi ng Sony is advertised through the creation of many games with the compatibility for their products such as PlayStation 1, 2, 3, 4, Vita, and Portable. Sony also makes their own advertisements such as their many advertisements on the Sony Xperia Negativ e Positiv e Socially Sony takes in account the interest in its many stakeholders Environmentally Sony is rated 8th according to Greenpeace's guide togreener technology Technology has changed cultures and caused other cultures to no longer exist Currency exchange makes significant salesAchieve sufficient cost reductions from salesmaintain product quality The creations of technology have made some cultures more intact and caused connections much easier Conclusio n Sony has its positives and negatives but mostly positives Sony's Effects on third world have been quite helpfulEconomically, Environmentally, Socially and Culturally. Sony's Negative Cultural Affect had just affected normaltraditions whereas positively its assists cultures through the power of technology and environmentally Sony is in the top 10 making it the best choice for the MNC that the world can trust. In the Year 2013 Sony had a lower profit of$35 Million Other offices are locations are Hong Kong, Canada, Hawaii, Finland, Greece, Germany, Moscow, Austria, France, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, UK, and Kazakhstan
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