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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cirque Du Freak: Sons of Destiny Cirque Du Freak: Sons of Destiny Theme: Don't dwell over revengeand sometimes sacrafices have to be made. Objective Summary: Somebody named Darren wanted to avengehis mentor after he was killed byThe real Vampeneze Lord but,his mentor told him not to dwell over revenge so then later he thoughtabout these words and sacrificed himselfto save the world. Beginning: Darren went to the circus just to see it destroyed, fire everywhere,people fighting everywhere. Darren later finds Steve (The real Vampeneze Lord) and his protector, then the epic battle begins. Steve's follower is knocked out and so is Darren's friendso Darren pins down Steve and is about to kill him then Mr. Tiny reveals he is both their fatherand after Steve dies Darren's will become evil so Darren sacrifices himself. Middle: Darren soul is thinking about his death and how guiltyhe feels killing his old best friendbut not anymore to die (Steve). Character: Darren was a vampireprince who was trying to endthe war of scars and during this timehis mentor died which told him not toever dwell over revenge ever but, hedid which lead to him sacrificing himselfto save the world. Setting: the setting took placewhere Darren's adventure began,The Cirque Du Freak, where thebattle to end the war of scars tookplace. End: Darren's soul is fished outof the Lake of Souls and changedinto a little person so he could goback in time so he return his life tonormal and somebody else couldtake his place then, his body disintegrated and he died peacefully.
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