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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 3 2 1 2 1 3 TANG vs. SONG Made out of iron and carbon from coal, this strong metal was a big development inChina, as it helped make things likearmy equipment, chains, all sorts of stuff.Although it is very strong, this mix of metalscan in fact rust due to the iron content inside Porcelain is a mixture of fine clays burned at a hightemperature. China traded this material, which is where we get the term "Fine China", for things likegold, silver, fine stones, and precious woods. Printing blocks were used for writing, specificallycopying, which was previously done by hand.Later on, a moveable type machine was invented,much like a typewriter. The "Diamond Sutra" is the world's earliest printedbook/scroll ever made. It was actually found in 1907 by an archaeologist in the wall of a cave. The compass was invented for sailors as theywould often lose their way so they couldn'ttravel far away. This encouraged exploration,later leading to the discovery of Indonesia,India, and more. Other more skillful designs like the Compass Fish, Compass Chariot,and Compass Tortoise were also invented. Poetry was not invented by the Chinese, but rathergreatly improved by them. It was and is how writersexpressed themselves and their emotions. Somefamous ones of that time were Li Bo and Du Fu.Some were even made into songs or chants. Revolutionized war in China. It was used to makeexplosives, and early ancestors of the gun, suchas the Fire Lance. It also made fireworks and thearmy strong. It is made up of sulfur, charcoal, andpotassium nitrate. STEEL PORCELAIN POETRY PRINTING BLOCKS COMPASS GUNPOWDER WEST EAST T
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